Known as "the famous ancient town and city of Qin, Han and TangDynasties", Longchuan is a historical and cultural city with a history of2231 years. It is a modern eco-friendly city with beautiful scenery. It issurrounded by mountains and clear water, which makes it a land of treasure forresidents. Longchuan is an emerging city providing abundant businessopportunities and superior environment which attracts  foreign investors form afar. It is a hot hubto undertake the Pearl River Delta industrial transfer. 

区位优越  交通便利



Longchuan is located in the northeastern part of Guangdong Province, Dongjiang and Hanjiang upstream, south of the economically developed Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Bay, north of Jiangxi and other vast mainland provinces, Guangdong coastal and inland areas of the Department, the Pearl River Delta " , On the one hand can undertake the Pearl River Delta industrial transfer and economic radiation, on the other hand can attract Jiangxi, Fujian and other places cheap production factors.


Longchuan has become increasingly perfectthree-dimensional transport network. Throughout the north and south of theBeijing-Kowloon Railway and Guangmei Shan railway in Longchuan countyintersection, and has the largest marshalling station in southern ChinaLongchuan North marshalling station, is one of the important railway hub inLingnan. State Road 205 line, provincial highway 1920 line runs through thewhole territory. Ho Mei Expressway in Longchuan County, the establishment ofthree interchange. At present, the Jiangxi-Shenzhen high-speed rail, HangGuangkuang railway has been started and will be opened at the end of 2019; LongSha railway, Longshan Railway has been included in the planning; east and westto the high-speed and north-south direction Ganlong purple high-speedconstruction has started; High-speed and general aviation has been incorporatedinto planning and construction. Longchuan which will be integrated intoGuangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian and other southern regions, "1 hour economiccircle."

环境优美  资源丰富


Longchuan County area is vast, beautifulenvironment, perennial air quality to maintain the national standard, livingenvironment is superior, is suitable for people living and living leisure city,but also suitable for the development of green building industrialization andhigh-tech industry。


Land Resources

The county area of 3089square kilometers, administer 24 towns, 315 administrative villages, of whichland area of 436.4 million mu, fully equipped to undertake the Pearl RiverDelta industrial transfer and development of intellectual equipment industryconditions.



Human Resources

The county's total population of 1.05 million, abundant labor resources. Ofwhich the rural labor force of 33.08 million people, there are more than150,000 surplus labor force, can solve the problem of enterprise employment;every year, large and secondary school graduates more than 2,000 people, forenterprises to recruit high-quality talent to provide favorable conditions.



Travel Resources

The southern part of the"Qin Dynasty town" Tuo City, is the first batch of historical andcultural city, the north of the beautiful scenery of Maple Dam Reservoir,Dongjiang rafting, the central to "toward the Luo in the fox in thefake" and famous Huoshan, The east of the county has a pleasant view ofthe puddle ecological landscape ... ... natural scenery and historical andcultural blend, cultural landscape and Hakka style blend, Longchuan tourismdevelopment prospects.

园区优良  设施配套


Longchuan infrastructure is perfect, thecounty has 11 110,000 volt of the substation and a 220,000 volt of the powertransmission station, power supply is sufficient, is the Guangdong Provincesales side reform pilot park. The county has a perfect water supply system,excellent water quality. Program-controlled telephones, mobile phones, theInternet and other modern communications network coverage of urban and ruralareas.


Longchuan adhere to the implementation of "industrialcounty" strategy to industrialization as the core, to attract investmentas a breakthrough, to industrial park as the carrier, is committed to creating"industrial county". In the 205 National Road and the high-speed,high-speed Ganlong high-speed two high-speed export high standards of planninga total area of 36.8 square kilometers of the provincial industrial transferindustrial park - Shenzhen Baoan (Longchuan) industry transfer industrial park.Has completed the "seven links and one leveling" nearly 6 squarekilometers, has been stationed in 69 large enterprises.



Supporting facilities are improving, theliving environment is constantly optimized, has been planned 4 squarekilometers, and Bao'an District Government together to create Peach BlossomSpring Science and Technology Innovation Park, set up product development,incubation, testing and expert apartments and other life supporting high-endpark. Planning 10 square kilometers to build Guangdong modern architectureindustrial base.

产业集聚  成本低廉


Shenzhen Baoan(Longchuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park is a provincial industrialtransfer park, the provincial outstanding park, the provincial standard park,the provincial low-carbon park, the provincial circular economy demonstrationpark, Guangdong Province, "Fengyun Park." Construction of electronicappliances, air energy, modern construction industry as the leading industrialproduction base to promote the development of industrial clusters. By the ChinaEnergy Conservation Association awarded the only "China air industry base",the Guangdong Province air to test center, research and development centershave been completed will operate, "air" has become synonymous withLongchuan. To the steel production base as the core of the Guangdong ModernBuilding Industrial Technology Innovation Industry Alliance has been recognizedby the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the modern industrialindustrial chain will gradually form.


Longchuan effortsto create the lowest investment costs for investors. Land price concessions,lower construction costs, cheap labor, ample water and low prices. The recentintroduction of a set of preferential policies, will give investors toaccelerate the development of a strong driving force. In the future, will alsointroduce more preferential policies, to support enterprise development.

政策优惠  服务一流


In Longchuan, "let foreign wealth,promote Longchuan development" has become the county people's consensusand common action. Longchuan adhere to the "credibility of the first, thefirst service, the effectiveness of the first" approach, to create a"rule of law, re-credit, low cost, high efficiency, excellent service,sustainable" first-class investment environment for investors to providestrong Strong protection. Longchuan dedicated to provide the most preferentialpolicies to low threshold to welcome investors to enter, to support low-costinvestors to start a high return to encourage investors to develop.


Longchuan dedicated to provide the bestquality service, the implementation of the province's first "charged'affaires" service mechanism, the whole agent for the project set up allmatters. Set up a key enterprise protection system to protect the legitimaterights and interests of investors. At the same time, Longchuan also provideinvestors with the most convenient and efficient customs clearance services andthe most in place of recruitment services. In short a word, we are to letinvestors in the Longchuan bold investment, comfortable life, rest assured tomake money.


Today's Longchuan is aiming at a more open environment to showcase the business opportunities in a more favorable environment. Investment in Longchuan is to create wealth, investment is the future investment in Longchuan. Open Longchuan invites people of insight to invest in Longchuan this side of the land, and the people of Longchuan together for a better future.